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Food & Drinks

Enjoying Czech Cuisine in Prague

Credit: Pixabay

Taking a bite off a delectable Czech preparation should be on everyone's itinerary when in Prague, especially when it tastes and looks so appealing. Typically, traditional Czech cuisine has an overpowering presence of meat (pork and beef), dumplings accompanied by a rich sauce and sauerkraut. The meal that starts on such a tasty note is served with a hearty glass of locally made beer.

Talking about beer, this fermented drink is the heart and soul of Czech cuisine and a must try when you visit Prague. Locally called pivo, getting a beer belly in Prague would, in fact, be a matter of pride. Rather than going for an expensive cup of coffee or aerated drink, just ask the bartender for a refreshing mug of Pilsner or Budweiser. Sometimes, they may offer you different types of beer, since each pub is attached to a single brewery.

Credit: Pixabay

During your stay in hotels in Prague, you'll notice two types of menus; ready to serve (hotova jidla) and cooked to order (minutky). While the ready to serve is the traditional Czech menu on offer with side dish accompaniments, cooked to order is the expensive one which starts after 4.00pm and where the customers have a say in the menu. Hotova jidla are traditional Czech preparations of pork and beef served along with French fries, rice or potatoes.

Vegetarians also have some options to choose from such as smazeny syr which is a traditional pub grub serving of bread and fried cheese with tartar sauce and French fries. They can also go for smazeny kvetak and smazene zampiony or different types of omelettes and pizzas with no meat toppings. Sadly, salads do not dominate the Czech food scene but you'll get a good mix in a pizzeria.

To top it all off, palacinky crepes or ovocne knedliky dumplings will satiate the sweet tooth. Czech cuisine has a lot on offer, only if you are ready to experiment with different cuisines. Try their succulent meat dishes downed with a mug of beer.

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I have to say that this food looks delightful! I think that one of the most iconic images I have of Prague is the food types available!

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