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The Best Three Microbreweries in Prague

Credit: Klášterní pivovar
Credit: Klášterní pivovar

It should come as no surprise to any of us that we all love the gold-hued Pilsner beer. Pilsner Urquellis isn't just for drinking, it's an integral part of food offering. Today it is produced on a massive level, making the crisp, clear and refreshing drink a major part of the exports. On the other side of the fence, there are local specialty microbreweries, some of which are found in Prague. The capital is the perfect place to track down some microbreweries who have found their niche in the expanding market for limited-edition beers. Here are some of the best microbreweries in Prague, all within a walking distance from the city's major attractions.

Strahov Monastery Brewery

Perched on a hill, this beautiful Baroque complex is a site worth visiting by itself. The first brewing at the Strahov Monastery dates back to the 14th century and it still continues to have a strong presence today. The monastery brews three beers that are available all year round - St. Norbert IPA, Special Amber Beer, and an Indian Pale Ale. In addition, there are seasonal varieties and big beer-inspired menus such as beer onion soup and spare ribs in the beer marinade.

Location: Strahovské nádvorí 301, Prague 1–Hradcany, +420 233 353 155


The New Town Brewery


It takes a brave heart's soul to digest the garish, tacky decor of the shopping arcade, where the New Town Brewery resides. But when you reach the second floor, you'll find a nice covered terrace with pretzels hanging from the tables and pillows comforting the benches. The cloudy, unfiltered beer is brewed in two types - light and dark flavoured with seasonal ingredients such as blueberries, coffee, caramel, and bananas. The extensive menu includes every type of Czech speciality including the famous pork knuckle.

Location: Vodickova 20, Prague 1–New Town, +420 222 232 448


U Fleku

Credit: U Fleků
Credit: U Fleků

How would you miss this restaurant-microbrewery when it has been brewing beer for more than 500 years? This place is so popular that it is as important as any landmark or attraction in Prague. They serve just 0.4-litre mugs of the microbrewery’s namesake dark lager, which has a very lovely dark, bitter chocolate notes to it. It is more of a live music venue with folk-costumed accordion players making their way around the rooms. The restaurant serves a selection of roasted duck, goulash, onion soup and sausages to guests seated in eight lounges that can accommodate 1,200 people.

Location: Křemencova 11, Prague 1–New Town, +420 224 934 019

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